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There are a variety of choices when it comes to pool plaster finishes that are available to you. We offer what we feel is the best product among all that we have installed. It is important for you to know what you can expect from different surfaces and products.

We believe it’s essential that you know and feel comfortable with the contractor you hire to do the work on your pool. An applicator’s experience will be a direct reflection of your finished pool surface. We have been a proud member of the National Plasterers Council since 2003.

We are knowledgeable about all the new and innovative plaster products, techniques and research developments. It is important to us that we offer products that we feel our customers will be pleased with now and in the future.

We have one large plaster crew comprised of 7 men. Francisco and Paul act as foremen. They work together with three other trowelers, and two mixers. Francisco and Paul have plastering experience in our company since 1999 and 1996. The other 5 members of the plaster crew have been with our company for a minimum since 2005. Our plasters also perform a variety of plaster repairs including but not limited to replastering steps, crack repairs, plaster pop offs and rust spots from rebar exposure. We plaster 40-60 residential pools each year. We perform work at 80-120 other sites including tile & coping, caulking, plaster patches, and small repairs at other sites. We have re-plastered pools in the tri-state area for 44 years.

How To Pick A Plaster Color For Your Pool

Selecting a plaster color is not about how your pool looks when you are standing on the edge, looking down into it. It is about how your pool looks when you are looking at it from a distance. Water color matters as much as your decking or landscaping to the total aesthetic of your pool area.

Whether you are looking for the look of intense Caribbean blue water, a deep more natural blue, or a lake-like greenish blue, we can help you select an appropriate plaster color for your pool.

Plaster is applied to the surface of your pool and is then troweled by hand to create a smooth finish. With all plaster pool finishes, and especially with colored plaster, you will see lighter and darker areas throughout the pool. This is a natural look, but it is not suited for everyone. Areas such as benches and steps appear more uniform in color than the floors and walls of your pool because they are troweled more extensively. The National Plasterers Council states that, ’’Colored plaster may also exhibit pigment stains, streaks, unevenness of color and more noticeable checking and crazing.’’ It’s important to know that this is a natural occurrence and that none of these conditions are considered a deficiency of the product.

There is no way to determine the exact color that your pool water will appear once it is filled. There are many factors such as pool size, shape, depth, surrounding landscape, sun exposure, and even time of day that will play a role in the appearance of your pool water.

The above pictures are of the same pool, on the same day, from different angles and distannce. This pool has been plastered with a Medium Gray finish. The feel and look of the pool water changes throughout the day. This is true of any plaster color or finish; however, the difference is more dramatic with a colored plaster.

We cannot stress enough that you are picking a water color; not a plaster color, when you go with a colored plaster finish. For example, the most desired look is a slightly deeper, but more natural shade of blue water. This look is created by using shades of Light Gray to Medium Gray plaster, not blue plaster. If you aren’t comfortable with a natural look, or with the idea of shade variations, colored plaster might not be right for your pool. If you have any hesitation at all after seeing pictures of colored pools, we strongly suggest you see one in person before you make your final decision.

It is important to speak directly with a knowledgeable plaster applicator about colored plaster finishes before you decide to go with one. Every pool finished with a colored plaster will be different and there are many factors involved in the resulting look. By speaking with an applicator directly you will know what your expectations should be from a colored plaster. They should be able to suggest colors that will sway the tone of your pool’s water color in your desired direction.

Diamond Brite aggregate plaster

As of 2018, David E. Callahan Pool Plastering Inc. now only offers Diamond Brite aggregate plaster finishes. We do not offer the Watercolors line of Diamond Brite product.
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In 2017 and prior years, David E. Callahan Pool Plastering used to create a blended plaster finish using Portland cement, marble dust aggregates, standard plaster additives, and optional quartz aggregates and / or dyes.

We feel that Diamond Brite is a superior finish versus what were blending in terms of overall appearance and bonding strength. Our pools are prepped with Diamond Brite Bond Kote. SGM offers a 10-year cost of material warranty to all pools with a completed form within 30 days of the plaster application and a monthly print out of proper water maintenance.

Diamond Brite is usually installed as an exposed pool surface finish. By exposed, we mean that after the plaster is troweled smooth, the surface is exposed with acid to reveal more of the quartz crystals before the pool is filled. A consequence of exposing the crystals is that a textured surface is created. While this method shows the quartz prominently, the textured surface is often rough and undesirable. As the years go by, the plaster finish will still be strong and in good condition, but the surface will have become extremely abrasive. Unfortunately, this may cause you to consider replastering your pool due to discomfort.

That being said, we do not expose our finishes. We trowel the plaster smooth and fill the pool the same day. The aggregate in our plaster will not be as pronounced as that of an exposed finish, but our surface will be smoother. The natural weathering of the pool surface due to the normal addition of chemicals will naturally expose the aggregate over time. It will extend the comfort of a smooth surface and it will add strength to your plaster. It is important to us that you are pleased with your plaster finish now; and that you, your family, and friends will continue to enjoy it as the years go by.

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