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About Us

We have been repairing and renovating pools in the tri-state area since 1980. Throughout the years, we have had the opportunity not only to work on thousands of pools, but to discuss pool work with thousands of homeowners. Through listening and talking to each homeowner, we have received a lot of feedback on their thoughts and concerns regarding their pool. A common feeling shared by homeowners is that construction in general can be frustrating, stressful and disruptive.

When we decided to re-design our website, we took all those thoughts, feelings, and concerns to heart. We designed this website as a guide to give you an edge when it comes to having work done to your pool. We believe the more information you have about the work that is being done and why it is being done, the less frustrating, stressful, and disruptive the work becomes. We also believe that the more knowledgeable you are about these things, the more prepared you will be to meet with company representatives for estimates. We at Callahan feel it’s not just our job to fix your pool; we believe it’s our job to fix your pool and to give you the information you need to keep the work we do in the best possible condition. When we go out to appointments, we often find that with a little information the work we are looking at could have been prevented or postponed.

The At Home Sales Experience

David E. Callahan Pool Plastering, Inc. does not employ salespeople. We view our appointments with homeowners as consultations. David Callahan or George Knoeller II, David’s son-in-law, are the only people you will meet for an estimate. No one is paid on commission, so there is no pressure to ’’close a sale’’ during your consultation. David and George do not carry contracts with them. We do not offer ’’during your appointment only, or today only’’ discounts. We will never ask for a deposit during our visit.

We understand that everyone has different plans for their future. You should take your time deciding what to do with your pool and when. What matters to us most is that you feel good about the company you choose to work on your pool; confident they will perform quality work and provide you with great customer service.

Questions To Ask And Things To Know When Receiving Estimates For Work On Your Pool

Company History

David Callahan started David E. Callahan Pool Plastering, Inc. in 1980. He started the company with a used plaster truck he bought from the owner of the plastering company he was working for when the owner retired. He rented an old barn on Phoenixville Pike in West Chester, PA to store his plaster truck and materials. He started the company wanting to provide a better life for his family and his employees. He had a vision of running his company with honesty and integrity by performing quality work at a fair price. In 1988, he built a warehouse down the street from the barn on Phoenixville Pike to run the company.

David continues to uphold both himself and the company to those same values. In 2003, two of his children, Anna & Thomas; and in 2004, his son-in-law, George, began working in the office full time. Our company now has fifteen employees, most have been with us between ten and twenty years. We are proud to say that our company does not subcontract any of our work. We have highly skilled employees; and each employee possesses both the proper training and tools necessary to perform their job to the highest standards.

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